PRIN Lymphatic Therapy is a holistic approach to skin health. Working on the Lymphatic and Circulatory system, PRIN's tightening mask is designed to flush away toxins and cell waste via the lymphatic system while increasing healthy blood flow to the skin. White the lymphatic system removes waste, pathways under the skin are re-opened for the red blood cells to deliver oxygen, water and nutrients to the living skin cells. Both the Lymphatic and Circulatory systems are often forgotten by Dermatologist, but by utilising internal systems  to aid in a healthy skin function we can truely see amazing results in repairing the skin, building skin strength and immunity for a healthier skin


*The treatment consists of a consultaion, cleanse, The Prin Mask followed by a leave on hydrating mask. Perfect entry level treatment that is safe for clients currently using prescribed skin medications such as Roaccutane or Accutane ect.

PRIN Lymphatic Therapy - Level 1